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      科研管理 2019, Vol. 40 Issue       (9) :190-198 论文   DOI:
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       Structure social capital, resource integration capability and incubation performance of the incubation network
       Li Zhenhua, Liu Chi, Wu Wenqing
       College of Management and Economics, Tianjin University, Tianjin 300072, China
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摘要 孵化器协会以门户网站和公共服务平台为依托,增加孵化网络结构社会资本,通过提升资源整合能力,提高孵化器帮助在孵企业获取异质性稀缺资源的机会,并对孵化绩效产生积极影响。从资源整合视角出发,研究协会作用下孵化网络结构社会资本对孵化绩效的影响,构建孵化网络结构社会资本、资源整合能力与孵化绩效之间关系的理论模型,以京津地区201家孵化器为样本,利用多元线性回归进行实证分析。结果表明:在孵化器协会作用下,孵化网络规模和关系质量对孵化绩效均有显著正向影响,关系强度对孵化绩效没有正向影响;结构社会资本对孵化网络资源识别、资源获取和资源应用能力均有显著正向影响;资源获取、资源应用能力对孵化绩效均有显著正向影响,资源识别能力对孵化绩效没有正向影响;资源整合能力在结构社会资本与孵化绩效间发挥部分中介作用。
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关键词孵化网络   资源整合能力   结构社会资本   孵化绩效     
Abstract: Under the background of increasing innovation uncertainty, incubators need to establish a wide range of cooperative relationships through networking development to meet the personalized resource needs of the hatching enterprises. The connection mode between network nodes, that is, structural social capital, directly affects the transmission efficiency of network resources. The structural social capital of the incubation network can be defined as the connection mode between the members under the action of the incubation association, which is manifested as network scale, relationship intensity and relationship quality. According to the connection mode of network members, the structural social capital of the incubation network can promote the ability of resource integration, which becomes the key for incubators to obtain sustainable competitive advantage. The resource integration ability of the incubation network is the ability to meet the individualized resource needs of the hatching enterprises under the formal or informal constraints by relying on the public service platforms established by the incubation association. The incubation association changes the connection mode between network members by giving full play to the functions of standardized management, guidance, coordination and training, so that the structural social capital can play a greater role and bring about the dynamic improvement of the ability of resource integration.
Incubation association plays an indispensable role in the optimization of incubation network structure and the improvement of resource integration ability. This research studies how to increase the structural social capital and improve the ability of resource integration by optimizing the structure of the incubation network with the incubation association as the highest level of governance, so as to provide better resource support for the hatching enterprises in order to improve the incubation performance. Based on the perspective of resource integration, this research construct the theoretical model about the relationships between the structural social capital, the resource integration ability, and the incubation performance, and put forward the research hypothesis about the relationships between the three. With 201 incubators in Beijing- Tianjin area as samples, this study used multiple linear regression method for empirical analysis to test the hypothesis. The results indicate that under the incubation association governance, the scale and relationship quality of the incubation network have significantly positive impacts on the incubation performance, which shows that expanding the size of the incubation network and improving the relationship quality can make the members of the network expand the scope of resource acquisition and increase the willingness of resource share, thus giving help to the improvement of incubation performance. The relationship intensity of the incubation network has no significant effect on the incubation performance, which may be due to the fact that the strong relationship is prone to "over- embedding" with the prolongation of time, resulting in resource redundancy and hindering the inflow of new resources. The structural social capital of the incubation network has significant positive influence on the three dimensions of resource integration ability, that is, resource identification ability, resource acquisition ability, and resource utilization ability, which indicates that high quality structural social capital is helpful to resource integration under the action of the incubation association. Resource acquisition and utilization ability have significant positive effects on the incubation performance, which indicates that resource integration effect can meet the resource needs of incubators and hatching enterprises, and quickly transform resource value into incubation performance. The ability of resource identification has no effect on the incubation performance, which may due to resource identification only judges the demand of resources, so it can be seen as a "virtual allocation". The ability of resource integration plays a part intermediary role in the influence of structural social capital on the incubation performance, which indicates that the large-scale and high-quality cooperative relationships between network members can improve the incubation performance to a large extent by optimizing the ability of network resource integration. The results verify the positive influence of the structure social capital on resource integration ability and incubation performance, and the intermediary role of resource integration between structural social capital and incubation performance, which provides a reference for incubation associations and the members to optimize the incubation network structure and improve the incubation performance from the perspective of resource integration.
Keywordsincubation network;    resource integration capability   structural social capital   incubation performance     
Received 2016-10-09; published 2019-09-16
Corresponding Authors: 李振华     Email: li_zhh2004@126.com
李振华 刘迟 吴文清.协会作用下孵化网络结构社会资本对孵化绩效影响——资源整合能力的中介作用[J]  科研管理, 2019,V40(9): 190-198
Li Zhenhua, Liu Chi, Wu Wenqing.Structure social capital, resource integration capability and incubation performance of the incubation network[J]  Science Research Management, 2019,V40(9): 190-198
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