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      科研管理 2019, Vol. 40 Issue       (9) :252-262 论文   DOI:
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       移动互联网社会下冲动性消费对企业营销创新的影响研究 ——以西安大学生消费群体为例
        1西安理工大学经济与管理学院, 陕西 西安710054; 
2西安财经大学经济学院,陕西 西安710100
       A research on college students’ impulsive consumption factors and their influence on enterprise marketing innovation
       Zhang Wei1, Leng Xuemei1, Zhang Wukang2
       1.School of Economics and Management, Xi’an University of Technology, Xi’an 710054, Shaanxi, China; 
2. School of Economics, Xi’an University of Finance and Economics, Xi’an 710100, Shaanxi, China
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摘要 移动互联网在社会中的普遍应用,对人们的消费行为产生了显著影响。为此,企业营销创新活动也要加以改变和适应,以扩大在移动社会下的企业收益。消费人群中的大学生群体的购买行为,在移动互联网社会下更具有冲动性购买的行为特征,这就要求企业营销创新中了解影响大学生移动购物冲动性购买行为的各种因素,才能更好制定营销对策。文章以理论研究和实证研究结合,采用了因子分析和方差分析等研究方法,以西安大学生消费群体为样本,对大学生移动购物冲动性购买行为的影响因素进行了具体研究。研究结果发现,平台功能、促销折让、顾客评价、消费者决策、网站互动和手机依赖等因素均发挥着显著影响作用;进而考察大学生自身特性因素发现,大学生性别、月生活费金额、浏览移动购物网站频率等因素对冲动性购买行为具有显著影响,而年龄、学历、手机上网时间和商品类别等则没有显著影响。据此,提出了移动互联网社会下做好大学生消费行为的相关营销对策。
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关键词移动互联网   冲动消费   影响因素   营销创新     

The universal application of mobile internet in society has a significant impact on college students’ consumption behavior. The college students’ buying behavior is more impulsive in the mobile internet society, so it poses a new challenge for enterprise marketing innovation activities. Students are the largest mobile shopping group, especially college students. They have strong independence, an independent life attitude, independent thinking ability, the most important thing is to have more self-confidence.They pursue convenient and fast shopping, therefore, mobile shopping is not limited by time and place, which is exactly in line with their trendy concept and the pursuit of efficient characteristics. So relative to other consumer groups, college students are easy to have impulsive buying behaviors. Moreover, they will be the main consumer group in society after graduation. Therefore, the research on college students’ impulsive consumption behavior in the mobile internet society is helpful for enterprises to make marketing innovation activities better. The better grasp college students’ consumer groups, the more expand enterprise income in the mobile society.
The paper combines theoretical research and empirical research, which summarizes the influencing factors of mobile impulsive buying behavior based on theoretical research, and obtains sample data through questionnaire survey. In the data processing, 123 valid questionnaires are randomly selected as exploratory factor analysis samples, and the remaining 123 as confirmatory factor analysis samples, so as to explore the specific categories of influencing factors. Then, the weight analysis of influencing factors is carried out, and the variance interpretation rate of each principal component calculated is used as the weight to discriminate the effects of different influencing factors. Subsequently, independent sample T test and ANOVA one-way analysis of variance were further carried out to explore the influence of college students’ characteristics, such as gender, age, education background, monthly consumption amount, mobile internet usage, frequency of browsing mobile shopping website and commodity category, on impulsive consumption.
This paper collects data of college students through satellite data research platform, 330 of which are returned and 246 of them are valid. On the basis of data analysis, this paper gets the main content which three conclusions are made: The first is that the 27 factors which will affect the mobile shopping impulse consumption of college students can be summarized into six types: platform function (friendly interface of mobile shopping platform, clear classification), promotion discount (large discount, and various promotion methods), customer evaluation (multiple messages, authentic content), consumer decision-making (behavioral decision-making preferences), website interaction (responding to customer questions in a timely, accurate and professional manner) and mobile phone dependence (highly dependent on mobile phones), etc. It can be found that these six factors are very obvious. The second is that although the role of the six types factor is very significant, the role of their influencing factors is different in higher or lower. From higher to lower, it can be sorted is platform function, promotion discount, customer reviews, consumer decisions, website interactions and mobile phone dependencies. The third is the characteristics of college students’ gender, hobbies, monthly living expenses, and the frequency of browsing mobile shopping websites, which have also been confirmed to do significant impact on impulsive consumption. The paper further analyzes each factor impacting on the enterprise’s activities of marketing innovation. In addition to the above conclusions, factors such as age, education, mobile internet age and product category can be obtained, which have no significant effect on the college students’ impulsive purchase behavior.
Based on the paper’s research conclusion, for enterprise how to make the college students’ mobile consumption more and more, three suggestions were put forward form the marketing innovation as the following. The first is to enhance the impact of college students on mobile shopping through consideration of a variety of factors, such as use of shopping platform features, promotion opportunities and strengths, commodity purchase evaluation and other factors and many aspects, can be done in the marketing process. The customer feels that it is convenient to browse the goods and meet a widely variety of products. The procedures for returning and exchange of goods on the platform are convenient, and the means of payment by electronic money are diversified, which will greatly stimulate the college students’ impulsive purchase behavior. At the same time, there are various ways to promote the promotion of goods, such as points, coupons or concessions, etc., and the product’s introduction graphics should be attractive, which is also very important for the college students. In addition, the evaluation information of the products should be guaranteedauthentically and reliably, and the larger amount of feedback evaluation information would be in the shopping platform.
The second is to highlight the key factor during the marketing process, such as the construction of shopping platform, while the enterprise’s power are shortage, they should use the third-party platform to match with the college students’ purchasing demand by providing relevant promotional activities, to decrease the cost of college students’ shopping greatly which can realize students’ shopping experience and shopping satisfaction.The group of college students is a consumer group which no income source as a whole, and their pursuit of high quality and low price while shopping, so the enterprise should make promotion and discount of the business more attractively for the college students. Every year, the “Double Eleven” e-commerce activities are highly concerned by the whole people, which shows the great influence of price promotion for the large netizen.
The third is to consider the characteristics of college students, do a gender-differentiated marketing and do targeted marketing such as product recommendation through platform browsing frequency, which will obtain general promotion of college students’ consumption. For the collegestudents who browse online shopping platforms actively, the higher the frequency of the shopping website, the more the changes in related promotional information and product services be accepted, and the more susceptible by these factors, then will result in shopping impulsive behavior more frequently. These studies have positive reference for enterprises to sale during the mobile terminal more conveniently and efficiently, and meet consumer demand and expand domestic market more better.

Keywordsmobile internet   impulsive consumption   influencing factors   marketing innovation     
Received 2019-03-14; published 2019-09-16
Corresponding Authors: 张伟     Email: 1058416923@qq.com
张伟,冷雪妹,张武康.移动互联网社会下冲动性消费对企业营销创新的影响研究 ——以西安大学生消费群体为例[J]  科研管理, 2019,V40(9): 252-262
Zhang Wei, Leng Xuemei, Zhang Wukang.A research on college students’ impulsive consumption factors and their influence on enterprise marketing innovation[J]  Science Research Management, 2019,V40(9): 252-262
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